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Friday, June 28, 2013

I just saw the first same-sex marriage!

I happened to be at Civic Center this afternoon when word came down that the stay on same-sex marriage had been lifted. I was on my way to meet with state Sen. Mark Leno when I saw Attorney General Kamala Harris heading out of the state building toward City Hall with a huge group of people behind her. Leno's office was buzzing with excitement -- the stay has been lifted! As Harris tweeted, "let the marriages begin!" So we walked over to watch the plaintiffs in the landmark case, Kristin Perry and Sandy Stier, get married, on the balcony at City Hall.

The Mayor's Office was packed with people; the timing was perfect. A bright sunny day, the opening of Pride weekend, the Trans March on the way, and for all of our (serious) political difference, there was a moment of magical solidarity when even Mayor Lee (who is not my best bud) was happy to see me and shake my hand.

Harris got the job of presiding over the first legal same-sex marriage in California since the Supreme Court decision, and while she clearly had no experience as a preacher (you gotta do the "I take you" a little more slowly) nobody cared. It was a "wow" moment in the world and in the city, and I will always remember being a part of it.

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