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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SF Weekly finds Communists!

Wow, there's a huge scoop in SF Weekly: There are Communists -- real, live, Communists -- at the Trayvon Martin demonstrations!

And the paper has exposed them for what they are: Commies!

Let me explain something to those who are relatively new to the SF protest scene: The Revolutionary Communist Party is always there. Antiwar marches, police brutality marches, immigration-rights protests, labor actions .... where ever three or more San Francisco leftists are gathered, someone from the RCP shows up and hands out newspapers.

RCP members help organize protests, too. They seem to have a lot of time on their hands, which a lot of the rest of us don't, and they're good at printing up fliers and calling the Workers of the World to action.

Nobody takes them seriously. They are no threat to American Democracy or (sadly) Global Capitalism. There was a time -- oh, about 45 years ago -- when the RCP was actually a political movement of sorts, but that era is long over. The tiny number of devoted members are only newsworthy when somebody who hasn't been around long enough to know all of this "discovers" them.

They're not recruiting anyone, really, since nobody with any sense can handle more than one meeting  (seriously, how many times have you read "Combatting Liberalism?") They're just who they are -- harmless, irrelevant, and a kind of silly way to generate "red scare" headlines and discredit popular movements.

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  1. Portland is the exact same way, and has been for as long as I can remember.