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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The other spying scandal

We're all appropriately outraged at the federal government spying on us and monitoring our cell phone use. But the threat to privacy isn't just governmental; in fact, in some ways it's even more frightening what the private sector knows about us. Check out this piece from Advertising Age. The author notes:

We marketers don't talk about this issue much, probably because it's so complicated and thorny. But it haunts our best hopes for the future. And, while people may let Snowden's tale end up a somewhat distant espionage adventure, the scarier story is what's done to every consumer in the name of efficient commerce. Without a far more creative and strategic approach to telling it, I fear others (or other events) will tell it for brands.


  1. Hello All,

    This has been going On since before there was a United States of America. You just now figured this out? And got mad about it? Well...

  2. David Sirota has the best take on the story~
    "CNN/Money notes that 99 percent of the firm’s (Booz Allen Hamilton's) multibillion-dollar annual revenues now come from the federal government."