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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

America's Cup: What happens if it doesn't?

It's probably all just blustering; it seems highly unlikely that, after all the build-up and fuss -- and public money -- the America's Cup races will just be scuttled. But what if that happens?What if the regatta director (who is acting like Larry Ellison; it has to be his way and his rules or he will shut it all down) really asks the Coast Guard to pull the racing permit?

Again:You'd think the shitstorm that would be created would force all parties to the table and they'd work something out. But that doesn't always happen. If this fight over rules and safety escalates, and the races are either cut way back or don't happen at all, how about all the money the San Francisco taxpayers put up for this billionaire boat race? The America's Cup Organizing Committee can't raise money for an event that doesn't happen (in fact, it's got to be hard raising money for an event that is looking more and more shaky every day). So does San Francisco wind up footing the bill for all of the preparations -- and get none of the rewards from the projected economic benefits?

Maybe the mayor and his staff should have thought about that from the start.

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  1. furthermore, the actual public interest in this is stupendously low. regardless of all this baloney going on.